Leica RCS1100

* Leica RCS1100 Remote Control Surveying Unit [ID- X1149]
* Leica GGKL112 Battery Charger
* Antenna
* Leica GHT23 Clamp
* Battery Pack
* AC Adapter/Charger
* Power Cord
* User Manual On CD-ROM
* Carrying Case (G)
Leica RCS1100 Remote Control Surveying Unit For TPS1100 & TPS1000 Total StationsLeica RCS1100 Remote Control Surveying


RCS1100 stands for Remote Control
Surveying. The RCS1100 enables
survey instruments of the TPS1100
and TPS1000 series to be remote

The control unit, the radio modem
and the power supply are all
contained in a compact,
ergonomically-designed housing.
The incorporated radio modem is
used together with the TCPS26 radio
modem as a basic station in the

Instruments in locations which are
exposed, difficult to reach, or
cramped, can be conveniently
operated with the RCS1100 control

The RCS1100 can remotely control
almost all of the functions and
applications of TPS1100 and
TPS1000 series instruments.

Leica RCS1100 Total Station

Because its keyboard and LCD are
the same as those in the TPS1100,
the RCS1100 is operated in exactly
the same way. If the TPS1000 is
used, the keyboard template for
assigning the keys is applied.


Design Aluminium housing with
NiMH battery and with optional
radio modem.
Battery GEB111 Type: Nickel metal hydride
Capacitance: 1.8Ah
Power supply The voltage when using an
external cable must be within the
range 11.5V to 14V (DC)
Current consumption 12/6V=
0.4 Amax
Environment Splashproof and dustproof
(IP53 in accordance with IEC 529)
Temperature Operation: 20°C to +50°C
(-4°F to +122°F)
Storage: -40°C to +70°C
(-40°F to +158°F)
Dimensions 160 mm x 135 mm x 50 mm
Weight RCS1100 including modem 770g
Battery GEB111 200g
Reflector pole adapter 180g
Interface Conformable with RS232
No hardware handshake
Baud rate 2400/4800/9600/19200/34800 bps
Serial, asynchronous
Data format 7/8 data bits
1/2 stop bits
Parity none/even/odd
Keyboard and display Alphanumeric
characters: Maximum 256
Character set: Expandet ASCII
set as standard.
An optional
character set can
be loaded in
Type of display: LCD
Size of display: 8 rows of 32
Graphics capability Yes,
64 x 256 pixels

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