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topcon total stations

topcon total stations

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Topcon Positioning Systems Inc., provides the positioning technology for surveyors, civil engineers, construction contractors, equipment owners and operators.

Topcon Corporation acquired Advanced Grade Technology in 1995 and became known as Topcon Laser Systems.

In August 2000, Topcon acquired JPS Inc., of San Jose, California, a provider of precision GPS and GPS/GLONASS products.

With the introduction of a series of positioning products, Topcon Laser Systems grew, and consolidated the survey instruments, GPS products and construction positioning products divisions in July 2001. Topcon Positioning Systems was formed to create the largest company in the world focused exclusively on positioning control needs of the civil engineering industry.[citation needed]

It became the first positioning systems company to offer “The Complete Solution” from Survey to Finished Grade – the reorganization provided products and systems designed for improving job site productivity and lowering costs.

Some Total Station Models by Topcon

Topcon ES-107
Topcon GPT-8001A
Topcon GPT-8002A
Topcon GPT-8003A
Topcon GPT-8003A
Topcon GPT-8005A
Topcon GPT-8205A
Topcon GPT-9001A
Topcon GPT-9003A
Topcon GPT-9005A
Topcon GTS-751
Topcon GTS-752
Topcon GTS-753
Topcon GTS-755
Topcon GTS-815
Topcon GTS-905A
Topcon RS232 DB9
Topcon IS-03
Topcon OS-101
Topcon OS-102
Topcon OS-103
Topcon OS-105
Topcon QS1
Topcon QS3
Topcon QS3
Topcon QS5
Topcon RC-3H
Topcon RC-3R
Topcon GPT-8000
Topcon USB Data Download Cable