Spectra Precision Total Stations

spectra precision total station

spectra total station

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The Spectra Precision GeoLock technique allows a robotic total station to perform an aided search for an optical target using an initial GPS position. The remote instrument can then be directed towards the robotic roving operator using the GPS position and a subsequent search is quickly performed to re-acquire the target at the robotic rover. This technique greatly reduces wasted time, improving your field work efficiency.

The FOCUS 30 robotic solution is best described as Simply Powerful. Packaged in a modern, sleek, and streamlined design, it is easy-to-use, affordable and tough. FOCUS 30 Total Stations are designed to meet all your surveying needs.

Some Total Station Models by Spectra

Spectra Precision Focus 30
Spectra Precision Focus 35
Spectra Precision Focus 6
Spectra Precision TS415
Spectra Precision TS515
Spectra Trimble Focus