Topcon GTS-752

Topcon GTS-752 Total Station

The Topcon GTS-752 Total Station features a much improved 400Mhz processor, takes fast shots and has an angle measurement accuracy of 2″

 Topcon GTS-752 Total Station


Topcon’s conventional GTS-750 Series Total Station provides a lighter, faster survey solution for handling your biggest jobs. models feature 1, 3, or 5 second angle accuracy to fi t your job and budget. Enjoy the benefi ts of a large color touch screen and backlit keypads on both sides of the unit (1 & 3 second models only). All models come standard with a 400Mhz processor and Windows® CE operating system, and increased battery capacity (5000mAh). The USB A, USB mini port, and Compact Flash port gives you plenty of storage space and upload/download options. There’s even Point Guide LEDs that visually inform the rod man that he’s online. And like all Topcon survey instruments, they are ruggedly built to withstand harsh conditions.

Smaller and lighter, it’s easy to take into the fi eld, set-up, and move to fi nish the job quickly and with less hassle. The GTS-750, now with the 400Mhz processor installed, takes fast shots, so there’s less waiting time. Just point at the prism and shoot. Smaller, lighter, and faster, the GTS-750 Total Stations are setting the new standard by which all total stations will be measured.

Topcon GTS-752  Total Station

Topcon GTS-752 Features:

• Backlit keypad and display
• USB Type A and USB mini slots
• Increased Battery Capacity (5000mAh)
• Advanced WinCE processor on-board
• New smaller, lighter design

Topcon GTS-752 Specifications

Accuracy** 2”
Min. Reading 1” / 5”
1 prism 3,000m
3 prism 4,000m
9 prism 5,000m
Mini prism 1,000m
Accuracy ± ±(2mm+2ppmxD*) m.s.e
On-Board Microsoft Windows® CE.NET 4.2
Processor PXA255 400MHz
–RAM 64M byte
–ROM 2Mb(Flash ROM) + 128Mb(SD Card)
Displays Dual
Screen  320 x 240(QVGA) Color LCD TFT
Card System Com CompactFlash Card (Type l/II)
Serial I/F Port RS-232C (6 pin) RS-232C (6 pin)
(2) USB Mini-B and Type A
–Instrument (with battery)  5.9kg
–Carrying case 4.5kg
Environmental  IP54(Based on the standard IEC60529)
Operating Temp. -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
Battery Power
–Include distance measurement 10h
–Angle measurement only 12h
–Recharging 5h

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Topcon GTS-752 Spec Sheet